Something is wrong. We often deny it or hide it or pretend that we’re doing just fine, but what about the nagging that comes from within? What about the questions that haunt us day and night? Why does the life God promises us elude us in so many ways? After all, we have all the knowledge about God and His Word we could possibly want. We study, go to church, pray, read countless books and go to conferences, but to what gain?

Yes, we know a lot about formalism, but do we live in freedom? We know a lot about the traditions of men, but do we live by faith? We know a lot about the history of the Bible, but do we overcome our challenges in life? We know many scriptures, but do we really know the Power of God’s Word? We know the Ten Commandments, but do we know who we really are in Christ? Do we, as informed Christians, really have joy, peace, hope and love? And if not, why not?

Can it be that we’ve traded the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ for complex theological discussions or the gathering of mere information? We go through all the Christian motions but do we ever stop to put the whole picture of what we know so well into perspective?

We should stop and think for a while: What was God’s original plan with us? What happened that brought about all this chaos, death and destruction into this world? Why exactly did Jesus have to come, and what are the implications of His death and resurrection? Why is the gospel of Jesus Christ the only truth, the only way, and the only giver of life? Could it possibly have a deeper meaning than merely to be forgiven, living a moral life, or going to heaven?

Yes, there is more. There is a lot more.