Sms and e-mail messages received from anonymous readers of Jesus Christ is not a joke:

“This book needs to be read by everyone on this planet.  Run with it.  The message is relevant and especially for a time such as this.   – L. Botes


“I thank God for books like Jesus Christ is not a joke.  This book is helping me a lot!  When I read the book, everything changes, when I am down or sad, I just open the book and there will be a page that will speak to my heart and heal my soul.  God Bless you!”  – A. Nel


“I am extremely blessed by the way the Holy Spirit teaches me through this book, Jesus Christ is not a joke!” Anonymous reader


“I have been reading page 41 and I thank God for the author’s obedience.  He is changing my life through it.  I am a physically disabled person and I have accepted the way I am and I believe that God will use me the way I am.  I always ask Him to use me.  Thank you, for such a great book.  May God bless you!” –  Anonymous reader


“I can see a lot of changes in my life.  I believe God is doing something in my life because of the book; Jesus Christ is not a joke.  I can face challenges without fear.  I used to think about the past and undermining myself.  I am growing spiritually and emotionally because of the book.  God Bless you!” –  C. McArthur


“The contents of Chapter 9, “Storms will come”, Chapter 10, “You have a dream” and Chapter 11, “Keep your hope alive”, are amazingly inspirational. I personally have drawn so much strength from these chapters. The message of every chapter very relevant.  It does not matter whether I read two pages, two chapters or two sentences; my spirit is touched and uplifted by the working of the Holy Spirit.  It encourages me to live a life of faith and hope!Pienkie


“Dankie vir die besondere boek wat werklik oortuigend is en met oortuiging onbeantwoorde vrae oplos.  Die boek gaan baie harte aanraak en in sy doel slaag.  Baie geluk!” G. Botha


“This book is a life saver!  You will never know how many hearts & lives will be touched changed by it.  It is destined for a time such as this: for hungry, needed and desperate hearts! Many thanks.” –  Botes.


“The content in the chapters about “your identity” and “crossing over” is brilliant! It brought so much insight, revelation and hope to my life. May God bless you, dear ACM Slabbert. “ –  S. Wheeler.


“Ek wil net baie dankie sê vir hierdie boek, Jesus Christ is not a joke, dit beteken die wêreld vir my!” –  M Bezuidenhout


“Wow!! Baie baie dankie vir hierdie boek. Sjoe, dit het my baie gehelp en my gehelp om geestelik te groei!  Ek glo dat elke mens hierdie boek moet lees.  Die boek is geinspereer deur die Heilige Gees.  Dit is ‘n fantastiese boek.  Ek het n nuwe siening oor alles gekry.  Ek sê net weer baie dankie!” – Jacky


“Dit is die beste boek wat ek nog ooit gelees!!” – J Coetzer